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Badlands Tours

There are 4 different tour options. Participants choose which tour to take.

The Long Tour
The long tour is a 180 km round trip and you visit 9 different sites, approximately 6-7 hours:

  • Castle Butte
  • Big Beaver Nature Centre and Aust's General Store
  • North West Mounted Police Site (water spring, basement foundation)
  • Sam Kelly's Outlaw Caves
  • Ceremonial Circle
  • Turtle Effigy
  • Buffalo Effigy
  • Heritage School House
  • Burgess's Ranch

Short Tour #1
3 1/2 - 4 hours

  • Castle Butte
  • Big Beaver's Nature Center
  • Aust's General Store (store closed on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons)
  • Buffalo Effigy

Short Tour #2
3 1/2 - 4 hours

  • North West Mounted Police Site
  • Heritage School House
  • Nature Center
  • Burgess' Gallery.

Short Tour #3
3 1/2 - 4 hours

  • Sam Kelly Outlaw Caves
  • Ceremonial Circles
  • Turtle Effigy
  • Buffalo Effigy.

The full day’s tour will take you through the Valley’s spectacular scenery to Castle Butte and onto the caves that were used as hideouts for such American outlaws as Sam Kelly. Here, you will discover why the Big Muddy Valley was known as Station #1 on Butch Cassidy’s Outlaw Trail.

There is a stop at the remains of the Big Muddy North West Mounted Police post, and a one room school house. Special  interest stops to view the stone effigies of buffalo and turtles wind up the enjoyable day of touring.

Private tours are offered from May long weekend until September 30.

Van tours are scheduled to go out everyday in the months of July and August.

Tours leave at 9:30am from the Coronach Tourist Information Booth located on Highway 18.  Private tours can leave when the time is suitable for guide and tourists.

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Explore Saskatchewans Badlands


6 - 6 1/2 hour tour (Tour Van)

Tours are scheduled to go out every day at 9:30 AM

Private Tours
(Tourists in own vehicle with guide)

Please note: These tours can only be taken on a private tour with the tourist's own vehicle.


Coronach Tourism Committee 


Make a point of stopping at the Coronach Tourism Information Booth on your way into Coronach. The tourist booth is located on Highway 18 on the east side of town.  The booth is open May long weekend until September long weekend for business and is staffed with great friendly people who will take care of your tour needs.  It is stocked with souvenirs and lots of information.



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